How We Work

We focus on you and not “the billable hour”

A solid economic relationship ought to start out with both sides understanding the scope of the engagement. We notice in depositions and court appearances that some firms have several lawyers or even an entire practice group billing a client for doing the work that one competent and capable lawyer can easily do. Such firms have much greater overhead and that cost is often passed on to you. Where appropriate, we get away from this outdated model (which seems to reward slow problem-solving and duplication of effort) by providing you with alternatives. We offer mixed hourly and contingent arrangements and sliding scale percentages. For select, long-term clients for whom we act as outside, in-house counsel, we offer affordable monthly retainer opportunties enabling them to budget wisely and team consistently with a knowledgeable and tested partner devoted exclusively to their success.

We concentrate on two things – business law and labor/employment law

We worked in the business world and gained real world experience in the HR arena before training to be an advocate for the business world. This powerful combination means that we actually know what you are facing as you compete in today’s marketplace. Our advice/counsel and litigation strategies are shaped accordingly.

We believe relationships matter

We have seen among large firms that the personal, relational character of the lawyer-client tie has given way to “transactional” work staffed by impersonal practice groups or even entire departments. This often benefits the large firm and not you or your company, in that it provides training opportunities for new lawyers, not necessarily an immediate or carefully crafted solution to your particular problem. Our client relationships, on the other hand, are not measured by the transaction or the matter; but, rather, are based on your complete satisfaction. To serve as your trusted advisor, we must earn your trust and that takes time spent learning about you and your business, not simply the parameters of a single transaction or matter. We do that by being immediately available to you when you want or need us and listening, understanding your industry, and doing our homework – on our own dime, not yours.

We are a woman-owned business enterprise and provide value immediately

You will get something of value every time you visit this website or associate with the firm. So, check out the website regularly. Read the latest updates. Sign up for the newsletter. Review the latest samples and tools in the Resource area. And, when the time comes that you do need to call, remember that this is a partnership, focused on the long term, where our constant objective is your ultimate success.